The Ultravisions are Identical!!! Or are they?

Lots of companies add a ‘pro’ to one of their products. However, when it comes to a leading brand like Ultravision, what does this mean? Can a superb performer be improved upon? Is ‘improvement’ the right word, or is it just something a little different? Let’s take a look.

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What is Ultravision?

Ultravision is a one-way window film that is typically used for advertising and window displays. Some clients may also request this type of product for privacy or aesthetic purposes. Ultravision is 180 microns thick with a 60/40 vinyl hole ratio, and this enables it to have both the vivid image quality and outward viability that this media demands.

Specialised adhesives mean that Ultravision can be removed for up to a year, whilst the substrate itself is suitable for external window graphics for up to twelve months. This combination means that it can survive being used on vehicles and all kinds of adverse weather conditions.

Ultravision Pro

On the surface, it may look like this product is identical to its brother. Ultravision Pro also features a 60/40 vinyl to hole ratio, and can be cleanly removed within twelve months. However, there are a few subtle differences. Ultravision Pro is polymeric can survive in the great outdoors for three years due to its increased stability and resistance to shrinkage.

What about Ultravision Translucent?

Ultravision Translucent is designed to allow internal lighting to provide a backlit effect at night, whilst also providing a one-way vision effect during the day via a 70/30 hole ratio. Ultravision Translucent can be used to create stunning and detailed back-lit window displays, which is particularly useful for companies that need to keep their advertising working day and night.

Like Ultravision Pro, the translucent version combines a one-year clear remove adhesive with three-year outdoor durability.

Ultravision Clear

Ultravision Clear offers the ultimate in durability for a product that must have the longest possible life span. Designed to be reverse printed this 70/30 hole ratio material has a one year clean remove permanent adhesive and is made from polymeric vinyl for maximum stability.

The Best Material for Your Project

Every product manufactured by Ultraflex has slightly different characteristics. To find out which is the best fit for your requirements, get in touch today.