Speaker Mesh — all you need to know

What it is. Why you need it. Where to source it.

Versatile, adaptable, and significantly different from standard billboard mesh, speaker mesh has always been harder to find than other types of printable mesh. Speaker mesh requires a much more open construction to traditional display mesh materials which means that many print media companies do not stock a genuine speaker mesh. Reducing the size of the holes compromises the acoustic properties that underpin the functionality of the mesh.

At Ultraflex Europe, we offer genuine Speaker Mesh that not only acts as it is supposed to, but also has outstanding printability.

What Is Speaker Mesh?

Anyone who has been to a live music venue will be familiar with speakers covered with a protective mesh. The substrate has large holes that allow the sound waves to pass through without interruption. However, the substrate has many more applications. It is also perfect for festival crowd control fencing and applications that require partial visibility through an install such as room division and exhibition stands.

What Is Speaker Mesh Made Of?

Ultraflex Europe’s Speaker Mesh is made of PVC with a polyester support cloth. This gives it the strength to retain structural integrity whilst being 65 per cent open, allowing air to pass through without damaging the fabric. The PVC blend creates a smooth, reliable, and - perhaps most importantly - completely weather-proof surface. This means that it can be used with solvent, eco-solvent, and UV inks.

Why Should I Be Interested?

Genuine speaker mesh can be hard to find, and when needed is often required in high volumes. Smaller holes compromise sound quality and higher air permeability mesh provides opportunities to create visual effects that are not possible with less translucent material.

Ultraflex Europe’s Speaker Mesh offers an excellent substrate printing surface combined with the perfect ratio of air passages, offering both quality and reliability.

Our speaker mesh is B1 fire safety rated and is therefore suitable for use in theatres, television, and as indoor exhibition backdrops. The substrate can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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