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4 Outdoor PVC Advertising Banner Substrates You Should Consider

The big clue when choosing the best material types lies in the single word 'outdoor'. The substrate must display characteristics that are suitable for both the environment and the duration. Regardless of whether you need an enormous building wrap for six months or signage for a week long music festival, you want to know that the banner you order will be fit for purpose.

Environment First

Many summer short term requirements can tick this box immediately, especially if the banner is going to be wall mounted. When done properly, that provides a great deal of protection from strong wind. Gusting can cause damage to any structure but a banner that is mounted flush against a secure wall will survive most any wind. Mesh material is intended to present less wind resistance and therefore can withstand wind, but nothing can withstand a hurricane – so match your expectations accordingly.

Outdoor materials are designed to withstand rain and sunshine because those are exactly the conditions you expect to find outdoors.

Duration Next

Look closely at the technical spec sheet for the outdoor material options and identify those that promise to retain a certain high level of print and lustre quality if you need more than a few weeks usage on site. If not, you will end up with a washed out message that clients will be unhappy with.

Other Factors

  • Fire - You may need to ensure that the fire retarding characteristics of the banner material meet the site’s specification and/or your insurance policy stipulations.
  • Display standard – Do you need front-lit, back-lit or blockout material for the installation?
  • Width – Many of our materials come in 5 metre wide rolls and a variety of lesser widths.
  • Specification – Stronger materials stand up better to the wear and tear you can expect outdoors.

A selection of high grade outdoor banner materials to choose from

At Ultraflex Europe, we stock a range of outdoor materials of varying specifications and also suitable for different ink types. Use the links below to visit the relevant web page on our site and inspect the technical spec sheet for those that interest you.

Mesh Banner Material

Designed to be the ultimate in endurance under severe wind conditions, our range of mesh products each boast their own construction characteristics and unique scrim patterns. These PVC flexible mesh materials are compatible with UV, Latex, Solvent and Eco-solvent printers.

  • Speaker Mesh is a unique speciality mesh which has large perforations to let a great amount of air through (65% thru-flow) and present as little wind resistance as possible. It's a short term application material, suitable for covering concert speakers or for fence signage.

Front Lit Banner Material

Front Lit Media is the standard outdoor display requirement and suits most every location and application except those with specific back-lit or blockout requirements. It includes a polyethylene option too. Our wide range of front lit banner materials makes it easy to choose the right one for your specific application.

  • Ultima Pro weighs in at a robust 450gsm. It’s an extremely popular PVC frontlit banner with its 1000 x 1000 denier construction on 18 x 18 base cloth giving it superior tear and tensile strength.

Blockout Banner Material

Perfect for indoor and outdoor usage that requires printing on both sides.

  • Ultima Pro Blockout is a heavy duty 610gsm, which makes it perfect as a double sided banner with 500 x 500 denier construction on 28 x 28 base cloth. It has an even and smooth semi coated surface that delivers a far better print consistency than competitors in its heavyweight division.

Back-Lit Materials

These specialty materials were designed to maximise the impact of backlighting installations.

  • Vulite Supreme is an especially strong and smooth material optimised for LED backlit systems. This makes it a supreme performer for backlit applications, such as flexface and billboards.

The Most Suitable Banner Material

If you need to run your requirements past our experts and seek their opinion about the most suitable material, then please feel free to contact us at any time. We will be happy to point you in the right direction for your outdoor banner requirements.