Have You Experienced Problems Printing Mesh Banners With A Release Liner?

Ultraflex Strip Mesh – the liner that releases not before, or during, but after you print.

Strip Mesh is a perforated PVC substrate, which is ideal for printing semipermeable banners for use in – for example – crowd control barriers. The mesh allows for light and air to flow freely through the banner, improving its wind resistance and allowing the banner design to be semi-translucent. Strip mesh is delivered in rolls with a protective backing liner that is released when the banner is printed. Rolls are sold in widths up to 3.2m.

Mesh is a popular choice for many advertising banner specifications, but a lot of printers run into trouble with misbehaving release liners. Are you one of them?

Two frustrating issues consistently come up when using mesh with a release liner. These both originate with the backing liner:

1) Mesh Liner Does Not Come Off Easily

The backing liner gets a little too friendly with the material and welds itself to the substrate while printing making its removal extremely irritating.

2) Mesh Liner Comes Off Too Easily

The opposite problem occurs, and the liner comes off during printing, jamming the printer which is extremely irritating.

Users have reported these issues on several types of printer.

Ultraflex Strip Mesh

We have developed our Strip Mesh and its accompanying backing/release liner as a solution to these difficulties. It is a 270 g PVC mesh material that has proved consistently reliable when used with latex inks on rolls up to 3.2m wide.

If you have previously experienced printing difficulties with strip mesh, we recommend giving our solution a try. Features include:

  • Consistent backing liner release performance on all available sizes
  • Compatibility with printers without mesh kits
  • Up to 25% airflow
  • B1 fire rating
  • Compatible with latex, UV and eco-solvent inks
  • Available in 50 m rolls of various widths: 1.37 m, 1.60 m, 1.90 m, 2.50 m, 3.20 m

We also sell mesh without a backing liner in widths up to 5m. Please see our Ultima Mesh Pro page for more information.

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