Introducing our New One-Way Vision Film: Ultravision

UltraVision is a versatile, multi-functional product, which acts as a one-way vision film that turns glass into a display area for graphics on the outside whilst allowing complete visibility through it from inside. The graphics can be purely decorative or used for branding and advertising. UltraVision also provides privacy and can form an effective sunshade which benefits those inside buildings and vehicles without blocking their view outside.

The effect is achieved by applying the vision film to the glass. The film has areas to print the graphics, as well as see-through areas covering up to 40% of the film.

This perforated vision film offers a cost effective solution for use on glass storefronts, bus windows, building windows, and more. Today, we have a new (but established) product which stands out from the crowd due to its reliability, durability, high availability, and an attractive price tag.

Four Products with an Excellent Reputation

UltraVision is a tried and tested product, having been widely used on the US market for 15 years; undergoing numerous improvements and earning excellent reviews. Now our UK and European customers have the opportunity to see the benefits for themselves first hand.One of our strongest priorities with this new product was a reasonable price tag, so we are proud to present one of the lowest priced vision films on the UK market today.While many other companies offer one-way vision film from £5.50 per square metre, ours starts at just £3.65 per square metre. Our years of experience in print media, coupled with a formidable global supply chain allows us to supply this high-performance perforated window film at a lower cost for our UK clients.

Ultra Vision Four products with an Excellent Reputation

Top Quality Coupled with Impressive Variety

Be it advertising, privacy, solar control or decoration, our perforated window film can get the job done better than many alternative types of film. We use the highest quality materials to ensure excellent results on a wide range of print specifications.

Here are the links to the 4 products in the range:


Ultravision Pro

Ultravision Clear

Ultravision Translucent

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