How to Choose a Good Banner Material Supplier

When there are so many people supplying these products

A good supplier can make all the difference. Keeping supply chains flowing, offering quality guarantees and good customer service are all features that can make one supplier stand out from the crowd. However, it can be difficult to know what to look for in specialised environments such as print media. Here are the four most important points to look for when choosing a good material supplier.

1) Ask About the Warehouse Size

Printers need orders with a fast turnaround. Clients have varying requirements, and the extensive range of substrates available mean that it is more practical for suppliers to store the bulk products than for every printing house to carry lots of stock. A supplier that has plenty of storage space will have greater variety, and will be able to fulfil orders either on the same day or with 24 hour delivery.

2) Can they Convert in House

Our cutting machine is five metres wide. This means we can supply a wide range of our materials in virtually any custom size to suit the job you have at hand. For the client, it means more choice and higher levels of delivery guarantee.

3) Check That There is No Grade-Swapping

Printers need to know that the substrate is the one that they have requested. Unfortunately - as the differences can be subtle - some companies will simply swap one product for another and hope that nobody notices. This is particularly common when suppliers do not have enough storage capacity to meet their orders, so have to outsource in haste. This throws unpredictable wildcards into the mix! To avoid problems, opt for a company that guarantees to use the same factories and the same formulas. This will give you both peace of mind, and a predictable result.

4) Money Back Guarantee

A no-quibble money back guarantee represents a company that has faith in its quality. This is an important role that responsible organisations play in risk reduction for their clients. In the case of print materials, the rare returns are normally due to the fact that the wrong type of substrate has been ordered, but it helps to have the peace of mind of knowing that anything can be returned. In the case of Ultraflex Europe, there is the additional comfort of knowing that a replacement can be dispatched straight away. Our experienced team will also troubleshoot any problems and find a solution.

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When investing in specialist print materials, it helps to know what you are dealing with. For more information about PVC banner materials - download our free PDF guide.