Campaign Banner vs Superprint 2

Which is better?

At Ultraflex we often get asked about the differences between similar substrates. We get asked which is better: Campaign Banner or Superprint 2?
Let’s take a look...

Campaign Banner

Campaign Banner is our most cost-effective material. Combining good white point with an excellent print surface, it’s perfect for short-term outdoor use and indoor hanging banners. With a knitted supporting cloth made of polyester, the Campaign Banner is the ideal substrate for temporary requirements.

With any slightly cheaper option, the costs are absorbed somewhere down the line. With this type of standard PVC banner material, expect to have to reinforce eyelets and create hems in order to prolong the life of the material. For many companies, this is not an issue as the banner material is intended for temporary use, which is what many organisations need. Campaign Banner will last for around three months, and is ideal for both UV and Eco Solvent inks.

SuperPrint 2

Everyone knows of a sibling who outshines all of the rest, and this is the purpose of SuperPrint 2. Like Campaign Banner, it is a cost-effective substrate. However, it boasts a few additional extras. The first of these is that it works well with latex ink. The high quality print surface is designed with movement in mind, and the tough core is tear resistant. For short term jobs eyelets can be mounted without a hem.

SuperPrint 2 can be displayed outdoors for up to one year, which is unusual for a soft and smooth banner. The partner inks for SuperPrint 2 are Eco Solvent, UV, and latex.

The Verdict

When it comes to cost analysis, it is always helpful to look at the bigger picture. Campaign Banner is the cheaper product on paper, and has perfectly good substrate credentials. However, investing time in reinforcements and sewing seams can end up in lower efficiency. SuperPrint 2 removes many of the headaches that traditionally drain productivity, so is a better choice for many companies.

Much stronger and longer lasting products are available, and our extensive range offers something that ticks every box. Each of our material types has a downloadable tech sheet, and our website will guide you through the product list if you aren’t sure which material would be best for you.

If you have any questions, or would like to request a sample of Campaign or SuperPrint 2, get in touch today.